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Hey friends, I know you will be wondering how Angelo Science & Technology came to be. The people who made this page what it is today did not imagine that something like this will have a really big effect on the lives of many today. Michaelangelo Ubadigbo Amobi, CEO and president of ASAT is the main man behind this exceptional movement. This idea of helping people from being scammed because of lack of important knowledge or real information in technology was what was in this unique man’s mind. Michaelangelo is a man of honor and dignity who has in one way or the other help lots of people around the world even his family and friends in achieving many things already in many of his other platform by rendering various types of solution or help to the public. He is a Nigerian who hails from Anambra State of Nnewi North LGA, schooled in Lagos State at Dalewares Institute of Technology, Palmgrove from September 2015 till date, resides in Weighbridge, Owode Onirin, Lagos State.

He studied Computer Software Engineering, he is a Web Designer, Graphics Designer, Software Programmer, an Application Designer, 3D Animator and many others to list from. He also loves playing football, loves music, plays video games, loves reading books, in general he wants to be good in all endeavors of life (which is literally impossible). He has a strong passion for football and his dream team is the English Premier League’s Manchester United FC.

Here is his review on how the company came to be:

“This (ASAT) is great. Hoping for more of it in the future. This was a dream that never seemed to exist, but to God be the glory it is a possibility. ASAT is a Science and Technology company that aims to provide millions of help through our various platforms. We tend to establish a world of undefined experience on the dynamic process of Science & Technology. ”

“The journey was never easy for me, because doing this was in my mind but it was a “young” idea. Then I had no support what so ever, so my idea became just a little imagination. Although, good friends motivated me but since I was in an innovative school it was a step that was right. So after learning a lot from the school and at which I was good in some programming language and could do the basics of web designing, I decided to do a collaboration of all the Software, Hardware and Networking students to create or form the company. Deciding the name was tough but I already pictured  on my mind, the other guys were still contemplating on different names. Then a lady who was with us said “Hey guys Michael brought this idea let him speak what is in his mind”;like she knows what was on my mind. Finally I spoke, here is the result.”

Simply to end my note I will repeat what the famous Albert Einstein said “It has becomes appallingly obvious that our Technology has exceeded our Humanity”.

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